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Killian O’Leary has had to fight for every single thing he’s achieved.

He didn’t depend on his last name to rise through the ranks of the family. Since his father never truly acknowledged him, no one could accuse him of that.
As far as the outside world knows, Killian is just a distant cousin, a nobody who showed promise and worked until he could declare himself the king of Boston.

Still, he must answer to his father.

When doing so puts his life on the line, Killian’s world is turned upside down. Now, he must fight tooth and nail to keep the life he’s built.
The one person he sees as the key to that is Belle Tate.
Belle is innocent, but as the daughter of the man who set Killian up to take the fall for murder, she will be his revenge.

It’s the perfect plan.
The problem is, plans never truly work out like you imagine they will when you’re Killian O’Leary.

He thought he was using Belle to reclaim his kingdom.
She just might be the one person who can claim him and give him a whole new world.

Ruthless Arrangement

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  • A book that is signed by the Author. Every purchase of an autographed book witll come with a bookmark and stickers.

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