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Marie Snow is a joint psychological thriller pen name that is co-written with Jenika Snow.The two books that we've done are standalone, but have some of the same characters.



There was a time when Michelle Landry thought she had the perfect life. Happiness, love, they were in her grasp. But then loss and despair had her waking up and realizing the only thing she was guaranteed in life was a broken heart.

The city of Stillwake was the chance for a new beginning. With her problems behind her and a fresh start in front of her, Michelle felt like she had purpose again... like she could be happy once more. Like she could love.

But Stillwake had its own evils lurking, and it surrounded Michelle. With a string of serial killings making headlines, Michelle felt her tentatively healed world crashing around her.

She started to wonder if maybe that darkness was coming back, threatening to pull her down further. She either had to fight for the surface, or just accept her life and let it take her under.


It was supposed to be a fresh start.

A new life.

That’s what I told myself anyway when I moved with my son Matthew to Liars Island from Stillwake.

Too much conflict and heartache had been a constant in our life, especially with my son. And although my Matthew was grown, I’d always see him as my little boy and the one person I needed to protect above all else.

With tragedy, drama, and darkness surrounding us, it was time to start over, to try and have a life that was… normal.

And it seemed like we were headed in that direction.

But things changed rapidly.

Liars Island was supposed to be a fresh start, but it seemed the town had its own secrets that were threatening to tear my tightly woven world apart.

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