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One kiss from those cherry lips and I knew she was meant to be mine. I’m claiming her and I won’t be letting her go. 

Luke “Grunt” Stafford had one job. He didn’t like it, but when your President gives you an order you usually follow it.

He didn’t plan on the feisty redhead that showed up and rocked his world. Jasmine Blake knows how her family and friends see her. They think she’s a wild child rebelling from her parents. It’s not true, but Jasmine has no idea how to explain herself. Being the daughter of Dancer, Savage MC Vice President, is anything but easy.


So, after a while, she gave up trying.


Luke caught her eye immediately. She’d sworn off men, but something about him made it impossible for her to stay away. Luke and Jasmine both have secrets though. And they just might be enough to get them both killed.

Keeping Her

SKU: KeepingHer
  • A book that is signed by the Author. Every purchase of an autographed book witll come with a bookmark and stickers.

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