Standing At A Crossroads

January 14, 2019


Let's talk books.  Can we?


I've been wanting to branch out as an author for a bit now. I feel like there's only so many MC Romances I can write before they get repetitive. The one reason I only released one Lucas Brother book last year was they are fun for me and I want to keep them fresh, not rehash the same book with just different characters. My voices are distinctive in my head, and I want them to be that way on paper. When I began writing Diesel I truly had no idea where it would go. But I loved every page. I felt connected to he and Rory on a level that I hadn't truly felt in writing since Dragon and Nicole or Skull and Beth.  And if I'm completely honest. Dragon and Skull were the driving forces in those books. Diesel was different. Neither him nor Rory talked much at all until I put them together... Then... they sang. When they were together the words flew onto the screen with ease. Alternatively, the chapters they were apart it felt like pulling teeth to get them done.  


As I wrote, however. I knew in my heart I needed a break from MC books. Now let me say that this wasn't a new feeling. I had covers made for the direction I wanted to go over a year and a half ago.  

A year and a half. 


But I was afraid.  I don't want to disappoint readers. Yes because this is my job and I pay my mom's medical bills and a lot of their household things in addition to mine. I also try to make life easier for her because there are a million and one things that you never notice until you or someone you love is confined to a wheelchair.  


But,  I digress. 


I was also afraid because there are so many beautiful authors out there, so many who write amazing words and if  I didn't give you what you wanted, the cold hard truth is you'd find it somewhere else. 


These are things authors deal with on a daily basis. It's like a huge hamster wheel and you're stuck going around and around and around. 


It got so bad for me that I've been suffering from this huge block when it came to writing. The voices completely stopped. For someone like me, who embraces the voices daily, lives to hear them, carries on daily conversations with them... 


It's terrifying. 


I began writing an MC story on characters I thought you would like. I got 10k of it done.  It's a good story.  

I hated it.

I began writing a holiday novella with beloved old characters.  It was a good story. 

I hated it.

I began writing the next chapter of the Lucas Brothers. It's actually a really good story. 

I hated it. 


I think you can see where I'm going with all of this. So here I am standing at this crossroads, wondering what to do. 


I can't write to market. I've done that one time in my life and it was a fluke.  


My BFIW (Best friend in writing) (well known successful author, but let's not name drop. lol)  told me to write a sports romance. She told me that was where the money was at that moment. I had just been hit with a 10k bill for remodeling of mom's bathroom because she had to have a shower we could wheel her chair in and I was like Okay!  I will write a baseball book!   My BFIW almost had a cow.  Baseball was not hot then.  Write football. Football was where it was at.  So I sat down was like Yay me!  I'm writing football. 


I couldn't get ten words in on my football book, btw. 


Jordan wrote golf.  The book was my biggest success to date, but that doesn't mean that my BFIW didn't berate me for writing it lol.  Golf is not sexy.   I mean you have those hard as steel 9 irons you think it would be.  It's not.  Must be the pants, I guess. 


I should also confess--since that seems to be theme of this blog post. I have no idea now what is hot in the market. I never could tell you. My BFIW could. She'd look at it and bam! She just knew. It was some innate instinct with her. I look at the top 100 and see a jumbled mess and I see no rhyme nor reason. I see books that appeal to me and some that may be great but I'd never read them. I see no correlation.  


Which means I'm not only at a crossroads... I have no freaking directions telling me what's ahead on the path I'm choosing and again.... 


That's terrifying. 

As I begin making baby steps in a new direction. I find myself second guessing everything. The one positive is that as small as the steps are... The voices are talking again. My word count is slowly improving.  


I hope you guys like my next book. It's me. It has my voice and it has a connection with my characters. I hope it's different. It may or may not be, but as I'm writing it... It feels different.  


And I like that. I like that feeling a lot. 


Talk to me below! I'd love to hear from you.  

Until next week, 






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